A Brief History of the Site, Terminal and Glasgow Airport Parking Facilities


Glasgow Airport is located just 8 miles west of Glasgow city centre, just off the M8 motorway which connects the airport to the city centre and to Edinburgh. The airport is operated by BAA and is the second busiest airport in Scotland after Edinburgh flying over 8 million passengers each year. The number of flight destinations is around 90 with over 40 airlines now operating. The airport has one terminal and 2 runways. The low cost airlines have also had a major impact on fares to other UK destinations.

History of Glasgow Airport Site and Terminal

The airport started operations in 1932 at Abbotsinch and was initially used as an adjunct to the main RAF base at Renfrew. The Royal Navy took over the airfield in 1943 when it became known as HMS Sanderling, with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force 602 as the resident squadron.

In 1960 it was announced that Abbotsinch would replace Renfrew as a new airport serving Glasgow. The airport took 6 years to build, opening in 1966 and in less than a year saw over 1 million travellers passing through the terminal.

The next major expansion came in 1973 with the extension of the runway to carry larger planes, and in 1975 the present owners BAA acquired the airport from Glasgow Corporation. BAA immediately started expanding the airport with a £2 million extension to the terminal resulting in an increased throughput of passengers to 3.5 million by the mid 80's. The late 80's saw further investment of £55 million resulting in the terminal more than doubling in size and increasing capacity to 6 million flyers a year.

Up till 1990 Prestwick Airport was the only airport in the region handling flights to the US, but this all changed, leaving airlines free to fly from the airport of their choice. Glasgow Airport was a major benefactor in this decision. In 1994 building work was completed on a new pier which had seven air bridges and was capable of handling any aircraft at that time, making Glasgow a favourite choice by airlines. 2002 saw a big expansion from low cost operators on domestic routes, which further contributed to a rise in passenger numbers.

Glasgow Airport continues to prosper as Scotland's number one international airport, setting new records for passenger numbers month after month. Glasgow now has 33 gates, handling nearly 9 million passengers and almost 100,000 air transport movements a year. Another major expansion of the terminal building was recently announced which is expected to increase capacity to 16 million passengers a year, and plans for the much awaited direct rail link to the city centre will help to make Glasgow an even more convenient choice for travellers to and from the region.

History of Glasgow Airport Parking Facilities

In its early days, Glasgow airport parking facilities were extremely limited, mainly because in 1966 when the first stage of building was completed, the uptake of car ownership was only just getting started. Those who could afford air travel were more likely to be dropped off by a driver or by taxi.

But by the late 80's and 90's this had all changed and, as part of the work completed in 1994, remote parking areas were included, providing the basis for the excellent Glasgow airport parking facilities that exist today.

The short flight times to London airports, combined with low cost airfares, means that a great many people frequently commute to London and the south either for the day or during the week. This pattern of use is greatly assisted by the building of a multi-storey car park right next to the terminal building, helping to make Glasgow airport parking easier for day commuters and for the many visitors to the airport wanting to drop off or pick up travellers. For longer term parking there is a choice of car parks with free transfer to the terminal building.

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