Passenger and Car Parking for Glasgow airport | Forecasts

In 2005 BAA undertook a detailed analysis of the anticipated passenger growth rates to 2015 and as far as 2030 to organise planning for development of the airport terminals, standings numbers for aircraft, check in desks and car parking facilities. Low,Mid and high growth rates are given below.

Taking the Mid annual growth rate of 3.4%, passegers are expected to reach 13.2 million by 2015 which in the space of only 7 years will see Glasgow airport grow by nearly a third and more than double by 2030.

Glasgow Airport Parking currently stand at 3752 short term parking and 13000 long term parking spaces. Once again taking the mid term growt rate this is expected to increase to 4900 short term parking and 17800 long term parking by 2015. Whilst Glasgow airport will meet the bulk of this demand a third is expected to be met by off airport car parking operators.

Glasgow Airport Passenger Demand - The Forecasts

Year                    Low          Mid        High

2005                 (Actual) 8.8 million passengers

2015                      12.1       13.2        14.4

2030                      16.6       20.2        23.8

Average Growth      2.6%     3.4%       4.1%

Glasgow Airport Car Parking requirements to meet the expected demand is follows:

Please note car parking figures are split between Glasgow airport short stay parking and Glasgow airport long stay parking.The figures for short stay parking appear first.

2005                    (Actual) 3752/13000 

2015            4500/16400   4900/17800  5300/19300

2030            4800/25000   5500/29900  6600/33800

Glasgow Airport Airline Movements Forcasts

Year Low Central High

2005                   (Actual) 95,952

2015                   115,400  125,100      134,400

2030                   146,300  173,300      193,900

Average Growth    1.8%       2.5%            3.0%